Social Commerce: Important Things People Should Know

08 Jan

There are lots of people today who are asking the question of what social commerce is what about. It is because most people only know about e-commerce since that has been the thing that is going on for so long in terms of sales and business coming from corporations and companies all over the world. Social commerce today is also known as sales as well, but it does not involve transactions but involves the use of social media in order to make sales. The basics of social commerce is by using social media to reach out to other people who use the same social media platform and get them to buy the merchandise or products that the companies are selling through the help of social media. Today, social media is very popular and there are lots of people that use social media every day.

These social media platforms come in the form of websites such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Companies today are slowly making their own social media accounts of every social media platform that they can in order to widen their reach and gain more customers and clients every day. There are lots of companies that put a lot of their resources over social commerce since they know that is the trend these days.

There are companies that have their own social commerce staff that are always on these social media websites and promoting, sharing, messaging and doing other things that are related to sales and marketing for the company and their merchandise. Relationship and interaction is the main key to social commerce, check it out!

It is because people on social media socialize all the time, and that is also how companies sell and market their products over social media by socializing with clients as well. Social media accounts owned by companies usually post daily about updates and new products that they want to market. This way, people that are following their social media accounts can be notified and these people can take a look at what are the products that are being advertised by the social media account of said companies. Interested customers can also send messages to the social media accounts of these companies so that they can ask questions about sales and the products that they want to buy, when they are responded by the staff of the social media account of said company, then that is already social commerce. For further details regarding Social Commerce, go to

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