Social Commerce: A Brief Introduction

08 Jan

The internet today is really taking the world by storm. This is because people use the internet on a day to day basis. So, what is the deal when it comes to the internet these days? Well, the deal with it is because of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, these are the social media websites that people use all the time and they log in to those websites daily. Which is why the internet today is really important for most companies because they see the internet, particularly social media as a way for them to establish social commerce. However, people only know e-commerce, and they are not familiar with the word social commerce. We are going to give a brief introduction into what social commerce is all about these days.

Social commerce is just like e-commerce, the only difference between them is the fact that e-commerce does transactions when it comes to selling products and merchandise and social commerce is deals more with developing a relationship with potential customers and clients over social media websites so that they can sell a particular product of a particular company.  Click here!

This is what most companies do these days. They make their own social media accounts which are legitimate and they post pictures, videos and messages about their company and the products that they are marketing. Basically, in a nutshell, social commerce is a way of selling products by the use of social media. There are lots of people today that are working for companies that do this kind of thing. These people are assigned to monitor and manage the social media accounts of the companies that they are working for.

They are also the ones that find new and potential customers that they can attract and persuade so that they will be interested in buying the products that the company is selling. The way social commerce works is by way of interaction. If people cannot interact with companies through social media, then social commerce will not be in full effect. There are lots of companies today that have seen a great increase in terms of their revenue because they have their own social media accounts and they can send messages to all the people that follow them or know their accounts on things that they are selling, promos, freebies and many more which is a very good thing nowadays. If you want to learn more about Social Commerce, visit

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